Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow wow wow I've been gone forever I think

At least, it feels like forever. I suppose I needed somewhat of a time-out. A lot of you saw in my previous posts were actually part of this massive brain scatter. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, the continuation of this blog was actually a sort of a search to find myself, to explore my creativity in ways that I hadn't really experienced before.

Anyway, if anything, I'm glad that I've taken such a long break. I sincerely apologize if I had readers who particularly enjoyed my updates- I was pleasantly surprised to see new readers join my blog! In fact, I blushed when I logged on. Maybe I get too happy too easily, but I definitely didn't expect it.

Just like I didn't expect such an evolution in personal style that I've been experiencing lately. Maybe it's because I've found my proverbial "true self (!!!)" or maybe it's because I'm too fucking sick of conforming to what I think will make me appear socially acceptable. Whatever it is, I'm happy I've had the opportunity to experience it in the first place.

And now, a picture (sorry- I only have one. I didn't think to take any more)!

jacket-Empyre, shirt- sleazyseagull on etsy, pants- target, necklace- fableandfury on etsy

It's really not much of an outfit, but it's comfy and it was perfect for prancing around downtown. Also ignore how shitty the film is. My step mom bought me some lomo 200 speed (because she knows I'm "artsy" and all that). Personally, I think it's amusingly hipster, but the details are hard to see.


Current playlist:
A War Inside- Bigwig

1 comment:

  1. welcome back Hazel ... missed your posts

    err Black flag rip off tee!!!???
    I saw this post on my phone at the gym
    and even on the tiny screen I knew it was the
    BF bars!!! ... and it's a *cat* version of it(!!)
    so so cool!!

    you are so right about the blink album
    I bought it (having not heard anything from it)
    and it's really REALLY good ... amazing stuff.
    think I'll have to go see them next year
    they are one band I never got around to seeing
    when I was seeing green day, rancid etc
    - george