Monday, January 2, 2012

I go for a swim but I don't get wet

I really need to save up for a nice digital camera. ( +_+) I had to use my cell phone this time, so some of my main photos are a little blurry. It's weird, though. Some of the pictures turned out REALLY nice while the others turned out relatively poor. I tried to make up for it with close-ups, but I'm hoping to get a new camera soon, so I won't have to deal with that anymore.

Also~ for all of you shmancy bloggers out there, how do I get rid of the pesky size restriction on my photos? Every time I upload them, they get all small and shrinky and the details get hard to see. I'd really appreciate the help!

So blurry. ):
Sweater- christmas gift (American Eagle?), random dress worn as skirt, skeleton tights- Walmart, shoes- Converse
If you look behind me, you can see one of my cats!

Nope. I will probably never get tired of these tights.

Also~ check my lovely Descendents patch!! Greatest Christmas presents ever? I think so. I have the greatest best friend ever. *u* Now I just have to figure out where to put all of these snazzy patches...

You can get some patches like these for yourself from lavendertrap on etsy.

I don't think I've ever uploaded a picture of my red bangs yet! I did them some time in September, I think.


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  1. I was like *what* descendents patch??!!
    I can just see a coffee mug - then I saw
    Milo peeking out!!

    regarding uploading pics, I store mine
    at flickr then when I want to put on my blog I
    right click COPY and then right click PASTE
    onto the actual blog page I'm working on
    - don't know if that helps?!

    wow - very cool pic at the end!!

  2. The patches are lovely! Plus the tights are cool :D

  3. You looks so 90's. I love it.

    I upload my pics on Flickr, and then when you're viewing a particular photo on your account, you click "Share" and can choose what size you want the html for. I use Medium 640. Then I make all my posts in html format, and just copy and paste the html code for the photo. You can email me if you need help.