Friday, June 24, 2011

Why can't you see you torture me?

If you know me, you know I can't live without some Lost Boys. Everything from the classic 80s hair to the bad-boy vampire gang. And the really bad special effects. Oh boy.

This really isn't something I should really be watching and eating ice cream with. I've been trying to get a bit healthier this summer and all of these great 80s flicks are really starting to get in the way of that... And that marathon of Lost... And that other marathon of Naruto....


Allow me to point out their wonderful hair.

Oh Kiefer...

I know, I know. Beautiful, right?



  1. hi Hazel
    not forgetting the great soundtrack (bunnymen!!)
    funny that movies like this are *better* in the summer!!
    ... saw your comment on SCF
    GOOD LUCK with the blog
    - George

  2. i just follow-ified you. you follow-ified me in the future. or not. i don't care. you'll probably hate my blog. then why would you follow-ify? your blog deserves a follow-ify.

  3. Oh god I love the New Romantic type style in this movie! woo! and the soundtrack! think i will have to watch this again, now. altho i hate how they get killed. and is it weird i want their underground sunken hotel cave?