Friday, June 24, 2011

With just a touch from my burning hand, I'm going to give my life to destroy your world.

Second post for the day waaaahhh.
Just thought I should post the outfit that's featured in my little profile picture on the left hand side. I posted it on Chictopia ages ago, but I think it would fit in nicely on my blog.

Alice Temperley x Target dress, random dress socks, random shoes I found under my bed

Remember when Target brought back 5 years of designer collaboration dresses? I was fortunate enough to snag this little Alice Temperley for only forty bucks! Super cute, amiright? This outfit's a bit darker than the usual, but I'm really pleased with it. Kind of goes along with this little horror movie obsession I'm feeling this summer.

So there you have it. The origins of my profile picture.



  1. everything about this just looks effortlessly cool

  2. I looove that dress!! It is wonderfully dark! also love how your shoes are 'random shoes found under bed' haha!

  3. This outfit reminds me of something from a movie. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photo and feel free to drop by me too, soon.