Thursday, June 23, 2011

You're already thinking about someone else.

Not gonna lie. This is probably the 5th fashion blog I've started over the past couple of years. The longest I've kept one is about half a year. It's not that I'm bored of them or anything. It's just that they don't feel very real to me. Every time I start a blog, I try make everything as awesome and professional and beautiful as possible to maintain readers. Personally, I'm a little tired of that.

Originally, I wasn't going to create yet another blog. But I had a dream last night. It was really beautiful and vivid and colorful. And there was this beautiful dress. Somehow my dream self was aware of my desire to start another fashion blog.

But this time, I would about things that I wanted to write about. Whether it be about influential music, weird inspiration, or my fascination with deer skulls. So now, I'm going to write whatever the hell I want to write about whether anybody likes it or not.

So enjoy (or not).

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