Wednesday, July 6, 2011

B-Film Born Invasion

Teenagers from Mars! And we don't care.

Ahhh. Finally a post that lives up to my name.
This time around, I decided to use my title as inspiration for an outfit. To me, that meant the awkwardness of being a teenager, mismatching patterns and colors, and a touch of 90s flair. Also, more awkwardness.

thrifted shirt, hand-me-down shorts, Target cardigan, quarter machine necklace

Pretty proud of my necklace purchase. It was only fifty cents.

Anyway, I'm convinced I hit it big time at my local good will. This shirt looks at least 15 years old and it's in great shape. Originally, it had shoulder pads, but I cut them off. They looked a bit wonky. And all of this for only two bucks. Greatest. Thing. Ever. I'm also pretty pleased to say that my glasses actually matched an outfit for once. Those poor glasses have been put through so much. I've had to super glue them back together 4 times now. Today was their day to shine! Ha.

Love always,


  1. Nice blog. :)
    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))

  2. One of my favourite songs of all time! Brilliant. :) It goes perfectly with being a teenager and mismatching patterns. ;) The colours on your shirt are gorgeous.