Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everything Sux

I just lost my camera, so I've had to resort to the dreaded webcam outfit photos. It's a shame because I was really happy with this outfit in particular, but whatevs dude. Some people don't even have webcams to take pics in the first place. Bee tee dubs- did you see that Medham Kerchhoff collection? TO DIE FOR. I feel that it deserves a whole post for itself in the near future...

Anyway, I'm totes into that whole punk vibe thing. The thrashy, angsty music that turns kids against their parents, you know? In a sense, it's that sort of underground revolution that really attracts me to the music and style. While I'm still pretty new to the whole music scene, I'm pretty much here to stay. Anyway~

Yes, that's a unicorn necklace (This one's for you, Mikey Way.)

Descendents shirt- Hot Topic, Dollhouse shorts, DIY shredded fishnets, inside-out Betsey Johnson socks, Nomi Boots,
Forever 21 unicorn necklace

Okay, okay. It is hypocritical to to buy a "punk" shirt from Hot Topic. But it's the fucking Descendents
that we're talking about here. Speaking of which, they're playing in Chicago on my birthday and Chicago
is like dshajgktyr8i75ty5rysedf miles away from me and everything sucks just like that one Descendents



  1. hi Hazel
    it's irrelevant where the t came from
    anyone can roll into HT + buy a load of stuff
    it doesn't mean they'll have any kind of style
    + personality when wearing it ... which you
    clearly *have*

    I really like how the pics turned out - last 2 esp
    such great angles

    is it the 8 oct gig? - just saw the line-up
    Weezer, Social Distortion, X, Helmet, Suicide Machines, and Youth of Today

    love them all

    X - never *ever* tour to the uk
    social d - always wanted to see
    helmet - desp to see
    youth of today - have seen BTAT/Shelter but never YOT
    weezer - damn!!

    I hope *somehow* you get there and I can live it
    vicariously through you!!
    - George

  2. ... and obviously the DESCENDENTS(!!!)
    who I've always wanted/meant to go see

  3. It is! The whole line up is just perfect in every sense of the word. I was especially excited for there recent "touring" because Milo Aukerman's always so busy with his genetic engineering and whatnot.

    I'm happy knowing that I at least get to see Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance on Saturday! I'm pretty sure that Blink picked up a lot of their sound inspo from the Descendents, so it's a pleasure to see them live.

    But seriously. The riot fest is pretty much a dream come true. I just have to figure a way out to get there!


  4. I hope that somehow you get to that gig :)

    blink 182+MCR ... what a line-up
    I'd be dead by the end of the night
    but worth it!!